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By Dimarcy

BD Wallet - bd Slim & Minimalist Stainless Steel Wallet in gift box

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One way of simplifying your life. This RFID Wallet is built with high-quality stainless steel material & timeless design. 

With a brushed look, the stainless steel BD Slim & Minimalist Wallet is and RFID resistant wallet will be the perfect fit for your pocket while reminding you of keeping and carrying every day only the essential things you need.

The history of this product starts as a cardholder and evolved into what it is today a slim, minimalist, long-lasting and stylish wallet embracing characteristics of the sustainable fashion trend.  The BD Slim & Minimalist Wallet has a long life mainly due to the Stainless Steel material it is made of.

Fits for example: 1 ID, up to 5 Credit Cards, and one bill at the same time.  If you are planning to carry less than the cards mentioned keeping a folded bill is recommended to avoid the noise of loose cards.  The way each one uses it and the different preferences are infinite.  Definitely, you'll be making sure you only carry in BD Slim & Minimalist Wallet the most essential items.

The BD Slim & Minimalist Wallet which includes the gift box is an excellent option when looking for a gift for a co-worker.  Also, a preferred option for wives as an innovative and creative gift for husbands.


UNSPSC Code: 44111601

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