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Why leather bags? 

With the vegan revolution and meatless Mondays, you would think leather is out of fashion, that vegan leather is the way to go. It is really not the case. Leather bags are as popular as always. There are many reasons we keep going back to leather. Here are a few of the reasons leather is the way to go:

Leather bags look amazing!

There is nothing that says class more than a quality leather bag. That is the reason top designers choose leather for their creations. Leather is versatile and strong. Designers can make big or small leather bags in any design or color and the bags will always look great!

Leather bags are less toxic

One reason people use vegan leather is that it helps the environment.However, the materials used for these bags like PVC that can contain toxic phthalates that can be released to the environment once the bag is discarded. Another raw material used for vegan leather bags is polyurethane. However to be used as synthetic leather, the polyurethane needs to be made into a liquid to apply to another material. To make the polyurethane liquid, solvents are used and these solvents can be toxic as well. 

Leather bags last longer

Another important argument for vegan leather bags is sustainability. Another point to consider is that a synthetic leather bag made out of  polyurethane will last only for a few months or a year before peeling. You will need to constantly buy more and more bags to replace the old ones and that adds to already full landfills. 

Leather bags age better

Bags are a reflection of our personality. The last thing you need is to go out with a bag that is peeling and leaving residue everywhere. Where a leather bag will fade and sometimes acquire a nice sheen when used for a long time, the vegan leather alternatives do not age as well. Some of the most sought after bags can be vintage leather bags.  

No cows were harmed in the making of this leather bag

The biggest and maybe the most important proposition in favor of vegan leather bags is animal cruelty. However, almost all of the leather for bags and other accessories comes from cows that were sacrificed for consumption. Unlike mink or other exotic animals, cows are not exclusively used for their skin. If  leather products like bags were not made out of their skin, then the raw material would just be discarded. Once consumption of beef stops, then leather bags would become so expensive that the market would shift and other alternatives could be found. We could recondition and reuse already existing bags or grow cowhide in a lab. With new technology we will continue to enjoy our leather bags knowing that it is the most sustainable option out there.