Most Popular Types of Bags

Did you know there are actually over 25 types of bags? How do you decide which one is the right one for
you? This guide will help you learn about the 15 most popular types of bag and hopefully help making the
selection a little easier.



1. Wristlet
One of the smallest types of bag. There are lots of shapes and forms, but what they all
have in common is that there is a strap to hold the bag from your wrist. They can be formal or
more relaxed depending on the style you choose. Wristlets hold only a few items, so this type of
bag is perfect for an event or night out where you will only need the essentials.

2. Clutch
This is your formal, wedding or award ceremony type of bag. The one you are sometimes
forced to hold with your hands. Clutches make a statement of their own. Sometimes they
include a delicate strap that can be hidden inside the bag. These are very feminine and elegant,
but they also hold very few items.

3. Flat Crossbody Bag
The flat bag is a casual but very practical style of bag. It features long straps that can be worn
across the body. There are some variations with adjustable or shorter straps to hang from the
shoulder. This style of bag is great while traveling because it is very comfortable and allows easy
access to your belongings.

4. Backpack
These tend to be larger and more casual than most bags. However they are very comfortable to
wear and you can carry more than with other bags. These types of bags can be useful for
mothers to use as a diaper bag because it lets you move freely. This type of bag is also useful for
hiking or traveling.

5. Messenger Bag
This classic style is often preferred by men, although it is available for both genders. Men’s bags
tend to be larger than women’s bags. This bag is for casual or everyday wear. You can fit up to a
laptop or tablet. This style of bag sometimes features a long strap and can be used as a
crossbody bag for comfort.

6. Satchel Bag
The satchel looks like a modern day briefcase mixed with a messenger bag. This style of bag can
be used by both men and women. It is very stylish and not as casual as a messenger bag. It
more business oriented and can stand upright thanks to its stiff bottom and sides. the satchel is
also very versatile because it can be used with straps or with its handle.

7. Duffel Bag
The duffel bag is what you think when you need a bag for the gym. It is larger and it can fit your
sneakers and gym clothes. There are also smaller versions, but like the larger counterparts they
are more suited for casual outings. This bag looks like a large tube due to its rounded ends and
features one or two straps for versatility.

8. Tote Bag
One of the largest and most minimalist designs. It resembles a beach bag but it can be less
casual if it is leather. It features large handles and it can be worn on the shoulder, arm or hand.
This is the bag you want if you go shopping since it is so roomy and versatile. These bags tend to
cost less than other styles because of the minimalist design which makes them very popular.

9. Hobo Bags
These are casual, bohemian style bags. They are slouchy and comfy. Hobo bags can be square
and slouch downward or have a crescent shape. Some can hold more than others, depending on
the shape and size. They feature a smaller handle that can be used on the shoulder, arm or
hands. This style started to gain popularity around 2014-2015 and they are still one of the best
selling styles.

10. Bucket Bag
Just like hobo bags, bucket bags tend to be more casual and bohemian. The feature a drawstring
closure instead of clasp or zipper. These have a round base and like the hobo bags they can
slouch a bit when standing. Due to their cylindrical shape, they can hold quite a lot but it can be
a challenge to keep things organized.

11. Baguette Bag
This bag is unfortunately not made out of bread. It does resemble the shape of a french
baguette bread but it is slightly flatter. It is smaller and its shape limits the amount of things you
can load inside. It features shorter straps and can be worn for dressier occasions. However it is
not meant for formal affairs due to the larger size.

12. Barrel Bag
This bag, like the name suggests, looks like a barrel. Its dimensions are about the same as a
baguette bag, however the barrel bag is cylindrical as opposed as flat like the baguette bag. To
accomodate for the extra volume of the bag, the straps tend to be longer which can be suitable
for more casual outfits. Since it is larger in volume than the baguette bag it fits more, and
depending on the dimensions it could even be considered a medium sized bag.

13. Doctor’s Bag
Remember those times when the doctor would make house calls? Even if we don't personally
remember it , we most likely have seen that on a movie or documentary. Those old time doctors
used to carry their tools on a large rigid frame bag. This style of bag has been adapted to use in a
fashionable way. It features shorter handles, large storage capacity and versatility. This style of
bag can be used for dressier events or the office.

14. Saddle Bag
This type of bag is as old as horse saddles. They used be laid over the back of the horse behind
the saddle. They have kept the same shape and size. These bags like their horse traveling predecessors
can hold quite a lot. They resemble a messenger bag with the fold over top and clasp, but with a
rounder bottom. Most saddle bags are made out of leather and are more suitable for casual attire.

15. Frame Bag
Although this style of bag is not very popular right now, it may make a comeback like everything in
fashion. It is similar to coin purse but larger. It is rigid and can stand upright. Like the name implies, it
features a metal frame that helps the bag keep its trapezoidal shape. It has a large storage capacity and
be used for formal or business events. The straps can vary in length and material.