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Bag Trends You Should Shop in 2020

There will be many different Bag Trends in 2020. Some will be recycled from other times and others totally new Bag Trends. For sure they will all be fun to follow!

Micro Bags

This Bag trend  is one of my favorites. Imagine the possibilities! You can own almost any bag of it is tiny enough for our budgets. You can fit your ID, lipstick and are ready to go. One day we might fold our giant phones to fit into our tiny purses since this trend looks like it is here to stay. This style can work for formal occasions and night outs, but it is not really practical for daily use unless you are into minimalist styles. In that case I have a wallet for you: BD Wallet.

Crochet Bags

I am a DIY person and I really like to crochet. The idea of designing my own bag and wearing it is amazing. There are basically no limits to the color combinations and styles. Just be careful if your bag is not lined, some smaller objects can fall through the holes. 

Frame Bags

Grandma’s bags are back in fashion! These large coin purses are perfect for the office, dressier outfits or a casual shopping trip. The are bolder and come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Best of all they are grandma approved. 

Come back soon for more trends and Bag News!